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Skype 1.0.2 does not work on jailbroken iPhones and touches

marzo 18, 2020

Skype 1.0.2 does not work on jailbroken iPhones and touches logomacitynet1200wide 1

The new version of Skype 1.0.2 available a few days ago does not work with jailbroken iPhones and touches. Once the application is launched, a warning appears informing that Skype can only work on devices with an unmodified 2.2 operating system.

According to some tests performed by iPhone / touch users and also by some verifications performed by Macitynet, Skype in version 1.0.2 initially seems to also work on jailbroken devices. Once the OK button is pressed in the initial warning, the program starts and it is possible to access the various sections, in any case, forced outputs from the program continue to occur: Skype closes unexpectedly and frequently, making it unusable.

This type of problem was also found in the first version of Skype, so it is probable that the developers have included the warning in the new version to immediately notify users of the unlocked terminals. Saurik, the author of Cydia wrote a long message in which he analyzes the possible causes of the incompatibility between Skype and some applications that are used on terminals with jailbreak. The problem has not yet been resolved, in any case, according to the opinion of observers and enthusiasts on the Net, the incompatibility could be desired by the developers of Skype.

In fact, on jailbreak terminals it is possible to make VoIP software believe (for voice calls over the Internet) that the terminal connected to a Wi-Fi network even when this is not true and for example the cellular network is available. This trick would actually circumvent the protections and blockages imposed by mobile operators and by Apple, allowing users to make calls over the Internet wherever they are with iPhone.

Remember that Skype for iPhone and touch can be downloaded and installed for free starting from this App Store page.

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