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Shown at CES 2016 D-Link cam for Full HD Ultra Wide security

At CES 2016D-Link presents the new indoor security camera, with a wide sensor for 1080p shooting, with a viewing angle of 180 degrees, to be displayed directly on the screen of the iPhone and Android devices thanks to the integrated Wi-Fi module and to the support application.

The Mydlink app, available for free on the Apple and Google stores, allows you to check in real time what happens inside the room framed by the cam with different viewing options. The camera shown at CES D-Link, for example, capable of detecting the movements of people and consequently informing the user of the presence of subjects within the frame. Thanks to the integrated microphones, which allow a two-way dialogue, it is possible to perceive the sounds coming from the room, as strong noises of a glass that breaks, receiving notifications in real time directly on your smartphone.

The D-link camera incorporates a light sensor, thus determining when iLEDs are needed to see in the dark. The camera lens made of glass, created with a deformation technology, to provide a clear and ultra-wide visual effect at 180. The D-Link camera can rotate 360, ensuring that the video is flat in any location is the device. Inside, the 11ac Dual Band Wi-Fi module offers a stable and reliable connection for 1080p video streaming and for recording in H.264 / MJPEG format. The MicroSD slot allows you to record a week of continuous clip recordings at 1080p, provided that the inserted SD card has a space of 128 GB.

The chamber has a metal support, for a safe wall installation with flexible inclination. For correct operation, like many similar cameras on the market, it is necessary to connect the peripheral to the power outlet, using the microUSB power adapter included in the package.

On the official D-Link website all the information for the purchase. For all the news of CES 2016, however, we refer you to this section of Macitynet.

CES 2016 D-Link