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Share ADSL access on the network

Share ADSL access on the net logomacitynet1200wide 1

I want to share a connection between iMac and Titanium. 1 – is it better to have a hub or switch? 2 – if the server is always active in the iMac, will the internet speed in the TI drop a lot? Is it not possible to keep the server at a decent speed and browsing the IT in the same way? 3 – To share the ADSL, do I have to use a special SW? or is the hub / switch enough? 4 – Is it necessary that the server has a lot of RAM? 5 – Since in the future I would also like to make a webserver, would it be better to have normal OS X or OS X Server? (I think it would be exaggerated, but I take this opportunity to ask) 6 – After making the connections, what should I do? how should I set up the connections? 7 – Does the iMac have problems if it is on for many hours of files? like 20 hours on, and 4 hours off? 8 – The iMac would have connected a 40 GB HD Firewire. To adjust everything with electricity, would it be better to have a current regulator? 9 – If I were to use the iMac as a server, I would like to set up a Firewall that would also protect the TI, using Norton Personal Firewall for OS X, how could I set it up 10 – last thing: I would like to use the iMac to do a weekly back-up to TI, which program could I use?

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