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Security issues hinder the road to Wi-Fi.

Security issues hinder the road to Wi-Fi. logomacitynet1200wide 1

We have already told you how the IEEE 802.11b networks will not be able to operate at the Sant Lake City Olympics, the days pass and fears spread. The Californian Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory together with the most famous Los Alamos National Lab (experiments about nuclear weapons and more) believes that the vulnerability of Wi-Fi is an important factor and therefore has eliminated from its structures any wireless network (and Wi-Fi predominant), the same they have done or are in the process of doing: the MD Houston's Anderson Cancer Center, Aeronautical Radio, the U.S. Department of Transportation and some airlines say the technicians say Wi-Fi is secure enough, but if installed correctly, it appears that only 10% of users care seriously about doing so. . In any case, the security of Wi-Fi is a known problem and in the near future it will continue to be increased. In the next few days we will put online a guide on the precautions to be taken to make your Airport network safer.

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