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Schools closed for Coronavirus: the teacher's card to help online teaching

marzo 18, 2020

With the 500 euro bonus, teachers can purchase webcams, microphones, touch screen pens, scanners and portable hotspots

Schools closed for coronavirus until April 3, 2020 following the restrictions imposed by the decree of the President of the Council of Ministers. Good news comes forever from the government. It is introduced a bonus of 500 euros to purchase online teaching tools. A first intervention to support and promote online lessons announced by the Minister of Education Lucia Azzolina, in relation to the difficulties encountered by teachers in starting distance learning.

teacher card

With the schools closed for coronavirus, until 31 March 2020 the use of the teacher's card will therefore be expanded and all those electronic / IT devices preparatory to the organization of the remote teaching. Therefore go ahead to purchase through the teacher's card also diwebcam and microphones, touch screen pens, scanners and portable hotspots, categories that until now were excluded.

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Recall that the teacher card is a tool already available for everyone tenured teachers access to a bonus of 500 euros per year to be spent on their professional updating and for teaching. Among the goods available there were also hardware devices such as personal computers, notebooks, e-book readers, tablets and educational robotics tools, but other computer peripherals, or devices such as smartphones, cameras, etc. they were not included. With this new waiver, teachers will be able to spend the bonus to purchase everything they need to create remote lessons for their students stuck at home for the Coronavirus emergency.

Is excluded for the purchase of an ADSL transmission line, as ADSL is a data transmission technology used for accessing the Internet. Therefore not a software intended for the specific training needs of a teacher. It does not even include the payment of the RAI license fee or Pay TV.

We appreciate the intervention of the ministry for hardware that can be purchased with the teacher's card that can be particularly useful for distance learning in this emergency phase explains the leader of the teachers' union Rino Di Meglio, commenting on the initiative announced by the minister it would be even more appreciable if this opportunity were extended too to precarious teachers with annual substitutes and until 30 June.