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Scanner for OS X, boom in spring?

Scanner for OS X, boom in spring? logomacitynet1200wide 1

Canon and Epson, two of the major manufacturers of scanners for Mac, are working hard to release the drivers for Mac OS X as soon as possible, some of the European managers of the two Japanese giants interviewed on the subject by Macworld UK have guaranteed it in the past few hours. reassuring that they are based on the certainty that in the coming weeks many applications will arrive on the market without which the driver implementation effort would be a waste of unnecessary resources. In the past some scanner manufacturers have explicitly made it known that one of the most relevant applications in this sense Photoshop can both justify development costs and stimulate demand for Mac OS X compatible scanners. The most likely date for the release of the first scanners for the new operating system in late spring, coinciding with or just before presentation of PhotoShop for Mac OS X.

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