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Say it, voice call on iPhone

Here comes Dillo, voice call on iPhone logomacitynet1200wide 1

As announced in recent days by Macity, landed today on the App store "Tell".

The program (cost 2.99 euros) is used to 'dictate' the iPhone numbers or names from the phone book, making the phone call without having to search or use the touch screen. Dillo can use the reference we have for a number (for example the contact's first and last name) or the actual sequence (β€œzero-two-eight etc. etc.). It is also possible to recall the name of a company to which we have associated multiple numbers to induce the iPhone to recall all the phone numbers and then say the number of the contact name that interests us.

Thanks to Dillo it is therefore possible to type a phone number without doing it manually, using the keyboard which can be convenient in different situations since the main problem of the iPhone is that of using a display instead of a numeric keypad, which often makes it easier do this. Dillo also speeds up the search for names in the phone book.

Unfortunately for the particularities of the operating system and the limitations imposed by Apple, Dillo cannot be called up simply by pressing the button on the headphone cord as it happens with other phones, which would make the program ideal while driving your car.

The technology on which Dillo is based is that of Loquendo, which offers a significant ability to distinguish the voice even in difficult conditions. Loquendo a company controlled by Telecom Italia Lab, part of Telecom Italia.

To buy Dillo, start here

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