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reMarkable 2 is the world's thinnest paper tablet

reMarkable has announced its paper-tablet next generation, reMarkable 2. The device for annotating and examining documents was created by the Norwegian developers who wrote the original tablet-paper, who obtained a record of reservations during the launch in 2017.

reMarkable 2 available on pre-order on for 399 and delivery expected in June 2020. The launch offer includes Marker (marker) and case Folio.

The tablet has a thickness of 4.7 mm and is called "the thinnest in the world" (the iPad Air, as a comparison, has a thickness of 6.1mm). equipped with a battery that "lasts for weeks" and a second generation CANVAS display, which partly uses e-ink technology; the manufacturer advertises it as "the most paper-related digital device ever seen in the industry."

reMarkable 2 the thinnest paper tablet in the world

"Our latest paper-thin tablet and our innovations in display technology make writing so similar to that on paper that you can't tell the difference," said Magnus Wanberg, CEO of reMarkable.

reMarkable (product details here) is inspired by paper and a tool for annotating, reading and commenting on documents without distraction. You can convert written notes to text and organize, share, annotate and search for documents. A cloud service makes content accessible through cross-platform satellite apps for desktop and mobile devices. The functionalities in the intentions of the manufacturer are intended for those who love to write by hand, but want to reuse what they have written in their digital flow.

Upon launch, reMarkable 2 will be accompanied by a Google Chrome plug-in that will allow users to read clean and reformatted Web articles on the tablet-card without any distraction whatsoever.

All accessories are included in the relevant launch packages, available as an update package, or can be purchased separately during the year in which the pre-order ends.

reMarkable 2 will be launched with two different markers, both with magnetic attachment on the right side of the tablet-card: Marker – 59 (included in the advance order) andMarker Plus (includes a built-in eraser on the upper tip) – 99. The manufacturer reports that it is Folio cases they are made "with noble materials"; the Foglio case (standard with the pre-order) sold 79; Book Folio (99) allows you to keep reMarkable 2 in its cover during use.