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QuickTime TV, but how much does it cost me!

QuickTime TV, but how much does it cost me! logomacitynet1200wide 1

Since Christmas, we realized that some of the streaming channels available in QuickTime were no longer working, we have tried to find official feedback to know the reasons, but without any response even from the most important executives. ABC News, ESPN, MTV, Fox Sports and finally BBC News have not been accessible since then with QuickTime and the first news arrives from England (home of the prestigious BBC): public television over the sleeve admits that the streaming for QT ended due to the operating costs of a continuous streaming 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Frank Casanova, head of Apple's QuickTime division, partially confirms with this phrase: "the costs are there and someone has to bear them" and as it seems that some channels had to share the expenses with Cupertino instead that being supported by themselves, these have now been turned off.BBC continues to transmit the same feed via Windows Media Player, not helping at all the diffio ne of QuickTime.Apple has updated the list of available channels: if in QuickTime these streams are now switched off, you have obtained the wording you see below for a month. To access the suggested update you must go to the Quicktime Help menu Player and select "Update Current Software".

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