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Quickoffice Files, archives always available via iPhone and iPod touch

Quickoffice Files, archives always available via iPhone and iPod touch logomacitynet1200wide 1

The interesting Quickoffice Files, an iPhone and iPod touch program that offers four different functions in one simple software, is now available on the AppStore.

The first function allows you to connect remotely to your iDisk: anyone who has taken out a subscription to MobileMe will be able to access the online storage space directly from the device; secondly, the files contained can be sent via Mail, directly from iPhone or iPod touch.

The third feature will allow users to use the program to transfer files easily from Mac to PC, using Wi-Fi connection. Finally, fourth and last option, it will be possible to mount your iPhone or iPod touch as if it were a hard external disk drive.

Quickoffice Files the ideal companion for those who always need to have a versatile solution at hand for accessing their files, the ideal companion to combine with Quickoffice.

Quickoffice Files available on the AppStore at a cost of 1.59 euros; to download the program, simply access this direct link.

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