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Put an iPhone in Ciena (3 IF360) with Edifier

The range of Edifier audio systems includes several models all characterized by a refined design and sound quality that can satisfy even the most demanding users, both for reproduction in large rooms and in the devices indicated for private listening.

The top model Edifier Ciena 3 iF360: it is a complete, fully integrated audio system equipped with RDS radio, CD player compatible with CD, MP3 and WAV files. The output power of 50 watts RMS, therefore also suitable for equipping larger rooms in the home. The integrated support base allows you to connect iPod and iPhone players. Furthermore, the user has a USB port to connect USB memory keys, and an auxiliary audio input is also available to connect other external sources such as for example the computer.

As for playback, Edifier Ciena 3 features a single loudspeaker with high frequency response, a VFD screen to display the time and other information on songs or radios, a remote control for remote control and integrated touch-sensitive controls in the device. Ciena 3 proposed at a price of € 349.90 including VAT: the complete technical data sheet available from this page of the ADL website, a company that distributes Edifier products in Italy.

Among the other Edifier audio devices we also mention the original iF200 Plus. It is a compact external speaker with a retro design designed to work with most iPods and perfect for iPod touch. At first glance, shapes and sizes are reminiscent of the historic round alarm clocks topped by two small bells. It is equipped with two 3 Watt RMS speakers each and allows you to wake up to the music of the user's favorite playlists.

In addition to recharging the connected iPod equipped with a chromed handle on the back and a snooze button that allows you to turn off the ringer and make it ring after 9 minutes. It is proposed at the price of 49.90 euros including VAT: the complete technical data sheet available from here. For further information on the other products of the Edifier line, please refer to this page of the ADL website.

The products will be available from June.