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Production of Apple TV + TV series also slows down for Coronavirus

marzo 18, 2020

The production of TV content and streaming services not immune to Coronavirus: Apple TV + is also undergoing the first effects related to the production of TV series. The production of the contents of the streaming television of Cupertino, just as is happening to other giants of the television and film industry, is slowing down.

Production of the second season of The Morning Show, the show with Jennifer Aniston, and the same fate as the sci-fi series See, which interrupted the shooting of the second season in Toronto, has stopped temporarily.

The TV series Little America has instead postponed the casting that had started for the second season.

According to what reported by the publication specialized in show business Deadline, it would seem that Foundation, the science fiction series dedicated to Asimov, has blocked shooting in Ireland.

Apple chooses new actors for the Foundation TV series based on Asimov's books

Even for Apple TV +, therefore, the health and safety of the cast and crew have the highest priority.

The interruptions of the production of Apple shows are only a small part of the consequences that the pandemic caused by the Coronavirus will have in the world of entertainment: the giants of cinema and television networks around the world are already suffering delays in the production of films and other shows , lost jobs, projects postponed.

Apple vs. Goldman Sachs Apple TV + will not have a negative impact on financial results

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