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Print & Share: print documents from iPhone and touch

Imagine taking a photo with iPhone during a holiday and immediately starting printing on the printer that is at home, or even sending print emails, contacts, work documents in the office while we are moving to reach it. All these printing functions and many others are all made possible by the Print & Share program which, in one fell swoop, remedies some of the shortcomings of the Apple multi-touch paperbacks.

First of all with Print & Share we can launch printing directly from our pocket of emails, single contacts in a tab or multiple contacts in lists, print all the main document files, including Word, Excel, RFT, TXT, HTML, PDF and many others again, print Web pages and finally also photographs, whether these are stored on the paperback or taken instantly with iPhone.

However, this is only the beginning. Once installed, Print & Share offers complete control, ability to save and attach all major document formats directly from iPhone and touch. For example, we have a single window in which to check and read all incoming emails from all our mailboxes, save and print email attachments, in turn attach multiple documents and images to each individual message. Only as regards the printing functions and for the management of emails Print & Share offers some essential functions for those who use iPhone for work, absent in the standard equipment. In addition to the full screen view of the messages, it is possible to insert the contact data in the emails, write the messages and put them on hold for the next sending, complete support for POP3, IMAP and SSL, finally the possibility to send emails with text and images formatted.

The functions seen for emails are also available for contacts, photos, web pages and files in general. This means that with Print & Share we can create, edit and print text documents, view most of the documents and finally store all the files and documents that we always want at hand to and from the computer. It is even possible to organize the documents stored on the paperback inside folders. The ability to attach documents and images to outgoing emails extends to the ability to directly print the web pages we are visiting, save them in the pocket memory to view them later or to send the web pages as email attachments. Finally, as regards the photographs, in addition to sending by email or transferring to and from the computer, it is possible to choose the size and orientation before sending to print. So far we have described only a part of the functions offered by Print & Share: for the complete detailed list, refer to the App Store page.

For printing, the software uses the printer connected to our Mac or PC computer via Internet connection. Print & Share works with iPhone and iPod touch with Firmware 2.1: to work requires the download and installation of the free WePrint program for Mac and PC computers, available from this developer web page.

Print & Share for iPhone and touch available on this App Store page at a price of € 5.49.