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Perfect Blend, smoothies also reveal their digital propensity

Perfect Blend is a new creation of Perfect Company, a company specialized in the production of applications and gadgets dedicated to the food and beverage sector, capable of assisting in the creation of special dishes, based on recipes. It is an app that, combined with the special weighing machine sold by the company, allows you to make smoothies, frapps, soups and anything that can be whipped by keeping nutritional values ​​and calorie intake under strict control.

Just choose one of the more than 200 recipes included in the app, place the blender glass on the weigher and proceed to pour the ingredients, in the order and quantity indicated by the app. Then move on to the blender, which will request to respect the required mixing speeds indicated by the application to obtain the best result.

Perfect Blend

Perfect Bland first of all for those who follow special diets and must always keep under control the nutritional and caloric intake of the foods consumed. Mapu become a precious ally of those who make extensive use of the blender in the kitchen. Combined with the other two applications of the company, Perfect Bake for desserts and Perfect Drink for cocktails, Perfect Blend joins the Perfect Company offer.

At the moment, Perfect Company products do not appear to be available outside the United States; if you are still interested in investigating the issue, you can visit the official website of the company.

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