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PC sales down in Japan

PC sales down in Japan logomacitynet1200wide 1

Japan, after the US, could also experience a drop in computer sales. The country of the rising sun, according to some projections on statistical data for 2002, will not have a happy year for the IT sector which will result in a decrease that could reach 6.5% in 2002. During the first six months there could even be a sort of vertical collapse with purchases 20% lower than those of last year. Only in the second half of the year could signs of recovery be seen, bringing losses to more acceptable levels. If the data, released by Multimedia Research, were correct for Japan, it would be the second negative year after 2001 when with 12.1 millions of machines sold had a quantifiable drop of 7%. At the end of 2002, therefore, the drop in sales would be almost 14% compared to 2000. Among the brands during 2001 the worst were NEC (-11%) and Fujitsu (-1.9%), two companies which respectively occupy the first and second positions on the market. Sony, on the other hand, did very well, increasing sales by as much as 36.3%. Note that laptops in Japan have surpassed desktop sales by reaching 56%. The total turnover of the Japanese market was 1960 billion yen, 14.8 billion dollars, about 17 billion euros, 15.2% less than in 2000.

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