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Palm, market share drops

Palm, market share drops logomacitynet1200wide 1

According to some data released yesterday, the inventors of Pilot would have fallen by 36% in terms of units sold, according to some data released yesterday. A real collapse which meant, translated in terms of market share, the passage from 71 to 58% of the PDA segment. A meltdown that would only have been partially offset by the growth of other Palm OS manufacturers. Handspring would have gone from 14 to 15% and Sony from a paltry 1 to 6%. To benefit from what is bluntly defined as Palm's foresight ('they were fat, stupid and happy', the report says referring to the times where Palm OS controlled over 80% of the market), especially the PocketPc platform. Compaq would go from 2 to 7%, HP from 3 to 5%. Even the turnover rewards PocketPc. During 2000 the total of Microsoft's operating system was only 15%, in 2001 it passed to 26%. The PDA market, according to NPD Techworld, is particularly difficult in the USA. The number of pieces sold grew by 36% compared to 2000 while the turnover rose by only 21%. Effect of falling prices; in December the costs of a PDA were 16% lower than those of last year.

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