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Nest is not for sale, new product coming soon: word of the new CEO

marzo 18, 2020

"Nest not for sale" Alphabet executives announce as the company's new CEO Marwan Fawaz urges employees to trust Nest's future with an email sent to them after Tony Fadell's resignation. In the e-mail message obtained and published by The Verge, the CEO explains that he intends to focus on the current roadmap and prepare for the already planned launch of a new product: it is unclear what it is but for some time it has been rumored that Nest working on a video surveillance device.

Nest thermostat

"I already said on Friday that my attitudes and passions are to grow large companies and products to reach a greater number of users" writes Fawaz explaining that exactly what he intends to do, thinking about growth not only in terms of sales but also by presenting innovative products; "Gradual growth and innovation are not mutually exclusive."

Marwan FawazMarwan Fawaz

Rumors of bad relations between Tony Fadell and employees of Nest, a company he co-founded in 2011, creating products for the smart home have been around for some time. Nest was purchased in 2014 by Google for 3.2 billion dollars, its third most important acquisition ever, technologies that should help spread services and devices that are expected to be adopted by millions of people around the world .

Rumors of bad relations between Tony Fadell and employees of the Google / Alphabet subsidiary have been around for some time. A former employee in February of this year had spoken of Nest as a badly managed environment, unlivable, with continuous postponed deadlines, last minute changes, managers who demand impossible timelines forcing employees to work even at night and on weekends.

The new CEO, Marwan Fawaz, previously served as chief technology officer of the cable TV Charter company and former employee of Motorola Home (manufacturer of set-top boxes and other home appliances). To him the difficult task of restoring the company's momentum and regaining the trust of the numerous customers who have invested in their products.

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