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NAMM: Roland sees a future of integration

Roland recognizes the importance of computers in today's way of composing music, and launches a new series of products designed specifically to facilitate dialogue between the two worlds, with AIFF / WAV compatibility, software control of their products, USB ports.

The best example of this philosophy is the new MMP-2 two-channel microphone preamp. In addition to being a high quality preamp, the tool adds DSP effects, which can be loaded via the USB port. In addition, with the bundled software, MMP-2 users can control all its parameters using an intuitive graphical interface.

Similarly, the new XV-5050 synth module has a front USB port, which allows you to connect the unit to a Mac (or PC) by completely eliminating the MIDI cables, and controlling it via the included software.

Roland's Hard Disk Recorders are also becoming more computer-friendly: the VS-2480 24-track digital workstation, DiscLab CDX-1 and Boss's BR-1180 digital studio read all WAV files, making it very easy to load loops in projects, and they also export in the same format to be able to burn CDs. The Digital Studio VS-1824CD includes the Logic VS software to integrate VS tracks into the popular Emagic application, while the VS-2480 has a VGA port that allows you to control it on an external monitor with a mouse.

By making its products easier to use through software and bringing better integration with Mac and PC, Roland intends to combine the benefits of software applications with the reliability and power obtainable only with proprietary hardware, a union from which users can draw many benefits.