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Myth 3, patch in Italian

marzo 18, 2020

Myth 3, patch in Italian logomacitynet1200wide 1

New localization for the indefatigable Luciano Pecorella. The creator of Games4Mac in fact launched yesterday a patch (2.4 MB) that allows you to translate the interface of Myth 3 The Worf Age into Italian. The game the third chapter of the Myth saga, presented several years ago by Bungie and now produced by MacSoft for our platform. The localization translates all the texts within the game, starting from the men, up to the description texts of the story, which flow at each beginning mission. In the game only the voices and the narrations will remain in English. In practice it will be like watching a film with subtitles. The conversion is particularly relevant because in Myth you have to perform some missions that are 'set' and described by a narrator and by flowing texts on the screen. Without knowing the mission to accomplish, it is impossible to complete the game. Thanks to the patch, therefore, it is easier to follow the ordinary plot of Myth 3 both for the youngest and for all those who are not familiar with the English language.

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