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Microsoft deals with Verizon

At the negotiating table with Verizon for the marketing of an advanced mobile phone there would be no Apple, but Microsoft. An authoritative source such as the Wall Street Journal revealed the indiscretion. In an article published late yesterday evening, the prestigious financial newspaper, citing people aware of the facts, mentions negotiations started a few days ago for the launch on the Verizon network of a device part of the Pink project, code name of a project which aims to create a mobile device based on Windows Mobile but built in such a way as to compete for functionality with the Apple iPhone.

The 'Pink' phone would not be produced directly by Apple but by an unknown partner who would enjoy Microsoft support for now. Redmond would be responsible for the creation of the software platform, according to a well-known model already applied by Google and its partners with Android.

The Wall Street Journal recalls the channels already open between Microsoft and Verizon, in partnership in the field of Internet research and advertising, and the fate that unites them in the battle against enemies who are themselves allies: Apple and AT&T. The need for Microsoft to face the rival's pocket products would have traced the obligatory path towards Verizon, which for its part needs to stop AT&T, a growing rival thanks to the popularity of the iPhone. In the elaboration of its plan, Microsoft would be counting on the contribution of the team of Danger, a company that dealt with mobile devices (including T-Mobile's Sidekick) purchased last February.

The hypothesis of a pact between Verizon and Microsoft, because of some of Redmond's closest allies, appears much more credible than rumors about an agreement between Verizon and Apple. The window company would not be held back by the fact that Verizon uses CDMA technology almost exclusively used in the US; Microsoft would only need to find a local partner with CDMA technology and rely elsewhere, in Europe for example, to other partners specialized in GSM. An opportunity that does not seem within reach of Cupertino, forced to do everything alone and to optimize research and development. The same Wall Street Journal, however, seems to put an end (or almost) to the rumors about negotiations between Apple and Verizon, stating that there has been a bite in the past but without any decisive step being taken.

Between Microsoft and Verizon, however, it would be well under way that there would also be a possible date for the launch of the windows phone: early 2010. By that date, by the way, Verizon could also have an Android phone in its offer ; a few weeks ago, in fact, the news of a personal research signed by Verizon for 'expert engineers on the Android platform'. And if, really, in addition to a Pink phone, the mobile operator will also have a Google phone, this would only mean one thing: no agreement with Apple.