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Messenger Kids: a version for children, where contacts will be …

Facebook is about to release one specific version Messenger intended for children, who will be named Messenger Kids. In this new version, we will obviously focus on safety, the contacts with which to carry out the conversations in fact, will have to be approved by the parents. The app will initially only be available for iOS, while later it will also be released for Android.

Messenger Kids: a safe way to make children and their peers communicate

The headboardEngadget, reveals that the Messenger Kids app, designed for overcome some problems, such as the fact that many messaging apps ask for the number, when some kids don't have one. In fact, most of this very young user tends to use devices without a SIMconsequently the apps do not allow you to send text messages or video messages.

Messenger Kids

The other motivation is clearly security. In fact, the adult will be able to create a Facebook account specific access only on Messenger Kids, where I will have to approve all contacts with which the child will want to interact. In fact, the parents will be the only people who can add contacts to their children, with whom they can safely talk through the normal version of Messenger, since Messenger Kids is completely interoperable.

Messenger Kids

If the child also wants to make friends with another of his peers, such as a classmate or playmate, the parent he must be a friend on Facebook with parentsof the aforementioned companion or friend. In this case, the name will be visible under the parent icon, and by touching it, it will be possible to add it to the child's friends, after which the request will obviously be approved by the parents.

Messenger Kids

Both children and parents, they will also block contacts at any time, and if the action is taken by the child, it is notified to the parent. If the contact is blocked by a parent, the child will no longer be able to add them in the future. Both can also report a contact through Messenger Kids.

The development team also announced that it has also selected the stickers and other graphic elements, in order to make sure that they are suitable for minors. The release of the app should take place within the end of the month, in the platform of Google Play.

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