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Mac video systems are science fiction: word of …

Mac video systems are science fiction: word of … logomacitynet1200wide 1

Mariano is well known in the environment as a true and artisan craftsman of cinematography made with digital means, his works between genius and excess represent the new frontier of a cinema that thinks of technology as a means of realization and as an instrument. It is not surprising that in his latest works he used a Mac-based video workstation. Mariano writes: "My producer made me edit, finalize and" print "New Order, the insemifinal science fiction webserial in the contest of MyTV, with a marvelous dual processor MAC G4 with Final Cut Pro. We have recently worked with this system … even our next work coming out on the web shortly (SIGN) was made in this way. I must say that exceptional, the presence of a a lot of special effects that converge on the system from different sources is absolutely not felt. Working with the Mac was a real pleasure: a 16-minute fiction product mounted i n two assembly shifts and the Mac never stops! "Said by a professional Videomaker of those who" fold the machines in two "and not by a video amateur is a guarantee of the efficiency of the Mac platform and of the power it can express even under intense workloads. To find out more about the New Order and maybe vote it in the MyTV ranking to advance a Mac-based work click here. You can enjoy the first episode of the web serial in Real Video format. More information on Mariano Equizzi and his works can be found on the portal

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