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Leaf Trombone World Stage: all musicians for gaming with iPhone and touch

Leaf Trombone World Stage: all musicians for gaming with iPhone and touch logomacitynet1200wide 1

After Ocarina's success, Smule's developers present Leaf Trombone: the game inspired by the players of Chinese leaves, so a leaf appears on the screen that stretches and shortens according to the tone to be reproduced. To play or better play our unusual virtual trombone you can use your fingers on the touch screen or blow directly into the microphone of the iPhone. The preferred mode can be chosen in the settings and changed at any time.

Like the Guitar Hero and Rock Band style music games, the on-screen animations illustrate the sequence of notes that we must play to play the song. Even fasting users of sheet music can thus have the sensation of playing from the first moments of the game and then practice to reproduce increasingly complex and captivating songs. In single mode, Leaf Trombone offers a consistent repertoire of songs to practice on, but the title shines particularly in multiplayer mode.

By taking advantage of the Internet connection, we can perform our best performances in front of three users of the program around the world, listen to other users who play Leaf Trombone, and finally perform the functions of judge for other users. While playing online, users who play the role of judges can send us messages in support, comments and so on, finally they will judge our performance with a score from 1 to 10. These are the same tasks that we will be called to perform when we take on the role of instead, when we are tired and we want to relax, you can activate the listening mode, sit comfortably and listen to the performances of users scattered around the globe.

Leaf Trombone works on iPhone and touch with Firmware 2.1: it can be purchased at a price of 0.79 cents directly from this App Store page.

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