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Lacie presents the new generation of Pocket Drive U&I

Lacie presents the new generation of Pocket Drive U&I logomacitynet1200wide 1

The specific feature of the PocketDrive range is the dual U&I * interface (USB and FireWire). The drive can be quickly connected to laptops and personal computers equipped with any operating system, becoming the optimal tool for data transfer or to expand memory capacity.

The 400Mbit / sec FireWire interface. combined with high performance 2.5 ″ ATA100 disks and 2 MB standard buffer, it offers high data transfer rates up to 35 MB / sec. With the Firewire connection it is possible to power the peripheral without additional adapters. Hugely faster than the previous generation USB 1.1, the USB 2.0 interface increases the connection performance up to 16 MB of sustain rate, for an extremely fast transfer of large files, even in video or image format: there are currently no USB 2.0 drivers for Mac but pocket drives can be connected to any Mac with USB 1.1 ensuring perfect compatibility even with the slowest speed.

The PocketDrive housed inside a rubber-coated and impact-resistant case. The groove located at the end of the case helps to store cables neatly.

For more information visit the Lacie website

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