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iTunes Store Germany: the sale and rental of films arrives

United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand and starting today also Germany: with a press release released today, Apple announces the availability of films through the iTunes Store for rental and purchase. This is the first country with a language other than English in which Apple's service is available. Prices are in line with those of other countries: 7.99 euros for the purchase of catalog titles, 9.99 euros for recent titles and 13.99 euros for new releases. As for the rental, it starts from 2.99 euros for the films in the catalog and 3.99 euros for the news, while for the high definition versions it is necessary to add 1 euro to the rental prices.

The new film offering available to German users consists of 500 titles in both English and German, from the main production companies and also from some independent ones. Among the first we mention Paramount, Warner Bros, MGM, Disney and Sony; between the independent Universum and Shorts International.

Note that there is also a video section in France, but at the moment there are no real films on sale, but only TV shows. Italy does not have a section dedicated to videos; on the other hand, music clips are not for sale in our country.