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iTunes, exceeded one billion downloaded applications

iTunes, exceeded one billion downloaded applications logomacitynet1200wide 1

The billion applications downloaded from iTunes have been reached. The hard time on our computer was reached at 22:49, this at least according to what has been understood from the appearance on the first page of the Apple site from the announcement of the record.

Note that the counter stopped by moving to the graphics announcing the event to a few tens of thousands of applications from the threshold. This is because, as we explained yesterday, the counter was in fact a simple indicator element (or if we want a marketing tool) and the precise counting took place elsewhere, on the servers that distribute the programs. But beyond this, the significance of the moment that underlines the huge popularity of the App Store remains unchanged.

Apple launched the competition on April 10th. At that moment the applications downloaded were 928 million, as if to say that over the past few days there have been 6 million programs downloaded per day at a rate that in the last few hours has touched 290 thousand an hour, an incredible number, about 80 per second.

The winner of the contest connected to the event Connor Mulcahey a thirteen year old from Weston in Connecticut. Bring home a $ 10,000 gift card for iTunes, an iPod touch, a Time Capsule and a MacBook Pro.

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