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iPad Pro registered in the Eurasian Database, imminent launch?

By Giacomo Martiradonna Monday March 16, 2020

All over the world, the availability of iPad Pro is falling, which is a prelude to the launch of new models. And with the occasion, the new generation of tablet keyboard will also be introduced, which will have nothing to envy to that of Macs.

March 16, 2020 update

All over the world, the availability of iPad Pro is decreasing, and references to new iPad models appear in the Eurasian Commission records ("Apple A2999 brand tablet computer (iPadOS 13 Software Version")). imminent launch, and we ask ourselves: is it tomorrow Tuesday March 17th, together with the new Macbook Air? Among other things, with the occasion, the new generation of tablet keyboard that will have nothing to envy to that of the Mac.

iPad Pro, 5G model with mmwave support coming soon

iPad Pro, 5G model with mmwave support coming soon

Not just iPhone. Apple is working on an iPad Pro with 5G and support for mmwave ultra-fast networks. This is revealed by well-informed DigiTimes sources.

iPad Pro: Imminent Launch?

Many stores in the USA, Australia and Europe have been reporting for days stocks running out for iPad Pro, especially for models in a more exotic configuration such as the 12.9 "512GB WiFi.

Historically, and under normal conditions, this signal would imply the arrival of one new generation of tablets; which by the way fits perfectly with the rumors of the past months. Too bad that the global health crisis dictated by Coronavirus complicates things and increases the variables involved. In other words, we are unable to confirm n to deny these rumors.

The keyboard

While third-party manufacturers integrate the trackpad into the iPad keyboard, Apple works to add scissor mechanism and backlight on the Smart Keyboard, and above all a trackpad.

The scissor mechanism a type of mechanics in use on Apple laptops for many years, and retired prematurely with the butterfly mechanism MacBook Pro 2016. Since then, it has taken a Class Action, a free repair program and the introduction of a second generation of keyboards to understand that this type of mechanics it just doesn't work. And that's why, with the MacBook Pro 2016, Apple returned to the past.

So it is not surprising that a new type keyboard for iPad Pro actually integrates old and more reliable technologies. According to Digitimes, in Cupertino they intend to "extend the adoption of a keyboard with a backlit scissor mechanism to be used on the next generation of iPad" by the second half of the year.

Trackpad for iPad

According to a new rumor that emerged in recent days, Apple has been working on a "Trackpad for iPad for many years" and now it will finally come integrated into an additional keyboard. It is not clear what advantages it will bring as a gift compared to the touch screen, nor what the final design will be (a trackpad takes up a lot of space, and not that there is much in the 12.9 "of an iPad Pro, if we add the keyboard as well) but a lot.

If the rumors are correct, the mass production should have started some time ago, which means that already by the end of the month we could witness the launch of the new iPad with 3D camera, and then do an encore after the summer with models equipped with 5G support.