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iPad Pro 2020, Apple lets out new models

By Giacomo Martiradonna Wednesday 18 March 2020

References to four new iPad Pro models have appeared by mistake on the Chinese Apple website, the release of which will take place in the next few days.

There will be no special event on March 31st as initially vaticinated; but this does not mean that there will be no news of any kind. Indeed, in addition to the new Mac, Apple about to launch too four new iPad Pro. And we have no doubts about it, because the indiscretion comes from Apple itself.

MacBook Air: new upcoming models?

MacBook Air: new upcoming models?

Despite the chaos generated by the Coronavirus pandemic, it appears that Apple will be able to launch the new MacBook Airs next week.

On the Chinese apple website, the reference to four unpublished iPad Pro characterized by the following serial numbers appeared and was then hastily removed: A2228, A2229, A2231 and A2233. These would be two 11-inch models and two other 12.9-inch models.

Now, add to this that the same references were also found in the Eurasian Database; not to mention the rumors of the past few weeks and a recent tweet from a very reliable canary, CoinX, who chirps "Buy iPad Pro or wait?". In conclusion, there is no longer any uncertainty.

Apple is about to launch new professional tablets, and they will arrive within a few days or weeks. Something tells us, by the end of the month. Let it bet?