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Iorestoacasa, the FISM app to evaluate the symptoms of …

By Giacomo Martiradonna Wednesday 18 March 2020

Created by the Federation of Italian Medical Scientific Societies, the Iorestoacasa app allows you to evaluate the symptoms and understand whether or not there is a need to ask the authorities for help.

The Federation of Italian Medical Scientific Societies (FISM) has created a new application for smartphones that allows you to make theself-assessment of symptoms, to understand if they are related to Covid-19, and the risk behaviors adopted in the last period. Is called I stay at home and completely free.

Coronavirus fight: an app to help research

Coronavirus fight: an app to help research

Each of you can give a concrete hand to research to eradicate Coronavirus. By downloading an app and lending a piece of your Mac's computational power.

By answering simple questions about symptoms, travel, family, habits and vaccines made, any citizen can conduct a short self-assessment of their state of health; and, if critical issues are found, you are directed to the competent health authorities.

Furthermore, the data entered are analyzed anonymously and, thanks to sophisticated Artificial Intelligence algorithms, converted into useful information at national level for eradicate the Coronavirus. So, using the app, give a hand to yourself and to health too.

The sharing of scientific information, "explains Dr. Franco Vimercati, president of the IMF," absolutely indispensable for promoting correct and safe behaviors among health professionals and people who may feel disoriented or confused by the multitude of news circulating these days.

The app available for the moment only for Android on the Google Play Store; the iOS version instead in approval phase, and should arrive in the next few days. In any case, thanks to Apple's efforts to protect users, any app related to Covid-19 on the App Store to be considered absolutely safe and reliable. In fact, Apple automatically removes any title on the topic that does not come from institutions, governments and accredited bodies.

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