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Internet event for Bush.

Internet event for Bush. logomacitynet1200wide 1

With a webcasting on the net, George W. Bush, a few hours ago (at 3.00 Italian time), for the first time in history, made his Internet debut with the live audio / video of his important speech to the nation (the analysis socio-political we leave it to others). Following the event, six translations were available of the entire text, on the State Department website: Arabic, French, Spanish, Portuguese and Mandarin. With various polls that give Bush's consent among the Americans, ranging from 83 to 85%, the US President wanted to reach out to young people in particular by this means and, to them, addressed an invitation: "work hard, read, make the right choices and pursue your dreams. ”For the record, the only technology used for webcasting was RealPlayer (and frankly the American government could afford the economic and technological effort to supply it in the other two most popular systems: Windows Media Player and QuickTime) at tested the efficiency of direct fiber optic (FastWeb) and the quality was excellent for the whole transmission with a constant flow of 225 Kbps and an obvious 30 seconds delay compared to real timing.

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