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ICab 2.7 released

ICab 2.7 released logomacitynet1200wide 1

The small and very fast browser made in Germany continues to grow. The new version 2.7 brings numerous novelties. Among the most interesting, we mention: – All the items in the favorites bar can now be rearranged directly in the toolbar, simply with drag & drop. By dragging a URL to the favorites bar, you will automatically insert the URL in the desired position. – The Hotlist, the download manager and the History window now use windows compatible with the Mac OS dictates: each column can be resized, moved and reorganized with drag & drop. It is also possible to hide the columns that you do not want to be displayed. – The download manager items can now be displayed in alphabetical order or reordered as desired with drag & drop. – iCab can now automatically check for new versions. – Now possible to open. a background link using the context menu.

To download just go to the developer page

We also recommend a site in Italian that takes care of the translation of the browser into our language:

(Edited by Newton)

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