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How to view the Android smartphone display on a PC | GUIDE

Sometimes useful and you need to run the mirroring the display of your Android smartphone on Windows, thus viewing photos and videos comfortably on one bigger screen, or presentations on a projector connected to the PC.

So if you are interested in this need, in this guide we will tell you how to show the display of the Android smartphone on PC, through free apps that don't need root.

How to mirror the display of the Android smartphone on a PC

Windows 10 users running the Anniversary Update or later version can use the Connect app integrated to mirror the phone screen on your PC. The app supports Miracast, therefore it is not necessary to install third-party apps for streaming Android devices on PC.

To mirror you need to:

  • To boot the Connect app on Windows;

Android smartphone

  • So go in Settings of your smartphone Android or other device, looking for the option related to screen transmission, usually always calledMirror Share and always positioned in the curtain of rapid functions;

Android smartphone

  • Then activate the function. Once done, you will see later the list of devices available to which you can transmit the display of your Android smartphone. Search among them your PC and touch it to establish a connection. During the procedure, a six-digit pin may be required on the computer screen.

Once connected, you will be able to view the display Android smartphone on your PC, wirelessly. there is also a practical cursor to move in the displayed screen. The overall experience is also quite fluid and comfortable.

Mirror the display using AirDroid

AirDroid a well-known application that allows you to transfer files wirelessly between devices Windows, Mac and ChromeOS. It can also allow you to read the notifications of your Android smartphone or any device directly on your computer, using the desktop client.

The software also offers the possibility of mirror the screen, through a function called AirMirror, able to work even on devices without root. Note that despite the functionality working in wireless mode, it is necessary to allow USB Debugging from the developer options, once the Android smartphone is connected to the PC.

To mirror with AirDroid you must:

  • Open AirDroid on your PC, by going to the cardAirMirror;
  • Open AirDroid on your phone, by logging in;

Android smartphone

  • Then click onViewOnly Mode and accept the confirmation message that appears on your Android smartphone;
  • Alternatively, you can also use the AirDroid web client to stream the display of your smartphone. Just go there web.airdroid.comby clicking on the iconAirMirror, then running the download instructions and install the related plug-ins from the Chrome Web Store.

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