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How to use more than 5 Instagram accounts on Android with App …

Instagram one of those social networks that places limitations on its use before its users. One of these concerns the number of accounts that can be used, equal to 5. Fortunately, however, there is also a way to get around this limitation by managing to use more than 5 accounts on Instagram. How to do it? App Cloner the solution. Read the article to find out how it works!

Clone Android apps with App Cloner

You have probably heard of the possibility of clone Android applications. Anyone who owns a Xiaomi, Samsung or Huawei device will surely have seen at least once the notification that invites you to use the "Twin App" function which allows, precisely, to obtain a copy of the various apps or social messaging. Unfortunately, however, this function of this App does not allow you to clone Instagram, but only Facebook, WhatsApp and others. The good news, however, that you can still clone the Instagram App also thanks to the applications produced by third parties. Which ones are they? One of many Cloner app.

Instagram Cloner App

It is a completely free application that you can find directly on the official website of the developer. The latter literally perfect for cloning Instagram. What do you have to do?

  • First download the App Cloner and open it;
  • Then you will see the list of other applications that you have installed on your smartphone;
  • To clone an application you simply have to select it and then press the button to go to the next section: in this way the copy process will start;
  • You will only have to wait a couple of minutes and a notification will inform you that the whole procedure has been completed.

Know that you can also use some conveniences customization options included in the App Cloner. Many of them are completely free, but there are still some Premium features. In any case, you should know that the free options allow you to perform a wide range of actions, including change the name of the cloned application, change its color and style, rotate it, add badges to the icons and so on. Once you have finished the operations you just have to press the end of procedure key and you will find the app cloned on the desktop of your smartphone.

Use App Cloner to manage more than 10 accounts on a smartphone

The cloned application will offer you all the original Instagram possibilities. This means that you can use it for manage 5 more accounts which, together with the original application, make 10. Do you want to manage 15 accounts? Then make another clone of the Instagram application. Do you want to manage 20? Then you need 3 clones and an original app. As you can see, the extremely simple and intuitive procedure. You can take advantage of it even without being a technology expert and over time you will get carried away by managing to manage many accounts on the same smartphone.

Instagram Cloner AppNo need to own two smartphones to manage more than 5 Instagram accounts!

The only thing you need to pay attention to is the accounts themselves. In fact, over time you may forget which accounts are associated with a particular clone. In order for this not to happen, consider the idea of ​​personalizing the various icons, perhaps by associating colors with the various accounts you need to manage. At the beginning, this could help you a lot and once you have finally memorized the associations between the icons and the accounts, you can eliminate the various customizations.

Obviously there are also other ways to manage multiple Instagram accounts on a single smartphone, but the one relating to the use of the Cloner App is certainly one of the most comfortable and effective.

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