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How to turn your Android smartphone into a bluetooth authentication token

Google recently released a new authentication step to keep your data digitally protected. In fact, users of the green robot can now use their Android device as a bluetooth security token to have access to your Google Account. The new authentication process also seems more convenient and faster than using a special physical security key.

How to enable your smartphone to use it as a Bluetooth security physical key

Instead of using the latter, users will be able to rely on their Android smartphone. Starting today, in fact, the Mountain View house has made available the possibility of enabling their own phone, to ensure that it is used as a bluetooth security device suitable for protect access to your Google account. Precisely for this reason, the company particularly recommends it to professionals such as journalists, activists, business leaders and political campaign teams, often prone to hacker attacks.


To enable your Android smartphone to act as a security token, you must first connect your device to the PC via bluetooth. The security system compatible with PCs equipped with Chrome OS, macOS X or Windows 10 as long as they are equipped with Chrome browser.

The steps you need to follow are:

  • Add the Google Account that you intend to protect your Android smartphone;
  • Make sure you've activated two-factor authentication, go here when you haven't done it yet;
  • Go now to settings of the latter, through your PC, and click on the item "Add security key";
  • Select then your Android device from the list.

From now on, the next few times you log in to your Google Account from a different device, you will receive a authentication message on your phone. To log in, therefore, you must make sure that the Bluetooth is turned on on both devices.

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