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How to send videos from Android to iPhone without losing quality | …

The latest generation Android phones manage to record high quality videos. Whenever you see a video recorded with an Android phone launched on the market in recent years, you can be amazed by the sharpness of the images. However, if you choose to send a video file from an Android phone to an iPhone phone, the quality seems to be completely lost. How to send videos from Android to iPhone without losing quality? Here are the tricks and the operations to be done to be able to do it.

Sending videos from Android to iPhone: how to do it?

Send videos from Android to iPhone in high resolution using Google Photos

The first method by which you can understand how to send videos from Android to iPhone without losing quality is the use Google Photos. The latter is a pre-installed software on the various Android devices, a cloud connected to your Google account that collects and saves photos or videos on your phone's memory online in a personal space. Before you can transfer the videos in high quality, however, you need to set the Google Photos settings.

Google Photos Google Photos

  • In detail, as a first step you need to download the application and log in to your Google account;
  • Then, before uploading the various multimedia files, you need to go to the settings section. Specifically, we need to explore the section called "IBackup settings";
  • At that point, you need to change the upload mode from "standard" to "High Quality". This way the videos imported to Google Photos will be in high resolution. In addition, you must always have the option "Backup and synchronization”So that any new files will be loaded automatically.

At that point, we must wait for the service to upload the different files present in the gallery of the mobile device online. After waiting, you can choose if share an uploaded video with the iPhone user previously or record a new movie, wait for it to be uploaded to Google Photos and share it when finished. To share the video, all you need to do is enter the name of the other person's account. On the other hand, in order to receive the video in high quality, the iPhone user should in turn download Google Photos and log in with his Google account. Only in this way will I be able to view the shared file.

What if the iPhone user doesn't use Google Photos and doesn't have a Google Account?

In the event that someone does not use Google Photos and does not have a Google account, it may seem complicated to understand how to send videos from Android to iPhone without losing quality. Well, even in this case Android users can count on Google cloud service. In fact, once the video to be sent has been selected, the Share button will appear at the bottom left.

  • After pressing this button, Google Photos will make available an option called "Share the link";
  • By clicking on this option, you will get a link to copy and paste wherever you want, which will refer to the high resolution video. The link can be sent via Whatsapp or any other messaging system and the video with this sharing method will not lose the resolution obtained.

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