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How to recover Wi-Fi passwords saved on Android Guide

By now everyone who holds one smartphone they connect to the internet using dozens of different Wi-Fi networks. In the gym, at the bar, at a friend's house, at the university: all these networks can be used to connect provided that the passwords are known, which once saved on the device will allow internet access without the need to type the code again.

There is only one problem: provided that Android devices do not allow you to view them saved Wi-Fi passwords, what if you need to connect a second device? In this short guide we try to understand how to be able to see the wi-fi passwords saved on Android.

How to root your smartphone to see saved Wi-Fi passwords

The root, from English root, it means being 100% in control of your Android device by changing parameters such as the processor frequency, the battery life or the speed of the device itself. If you have not yet enabled your smartphone ai root permissions first you need to make a backup of your files.

  • To root, simply download the app to your device Kingroot, and go to the screen try it;
  • At this point the app will search for the device and verify that it is compatible;
  • After that you will have to click on try root and the process will run automatically.

It may happen that during the root the device reboots several times but this is completely normal.

How to see passwords saved on Android with the WiFi Password Recovery app

Once your device is enabled for root permissions, you need to download the app directly from the Google Play Store and for free WiFi Password Recovery and start it to find a decidedly simple and intuitive interface.

WiFi Password Recovery

  • Just click on the tab saved wi-fi and then select the item Get permission & recover password to grant the application root permissions;
  • Once done, you will have the opportunity to view all the Wi-Fi networks to which you have connected and it will be sufficient to open one to make the password visible.

An extremely simple way to know the passwords of the Wi-Fi networks to which you have connected, the most demanding part is that which requires obtaining root permissions.

How to see passwords saved on Android with the ES File Manager app

The app ES File Manager or ES File Explorer completely free and allows you to use root rights to access system folders and files.

  • Download the ES File Manager apk from here;
  • Once the app has been started, the item must be identified from the menu Tools and clicking on this the switch will appear Root Explorer which must be activated;
  • By opening the drop-down menu at the top, in the toolbar, choose Device and in the Directory open the file wpa_supplicant.conf;
  • Selecting ES Note Editor all the Wi-Fi networks to which they are connected will be shown, with the relative cleartext passwords.

We all tend to underestimate the importance of passwords for wi-fi networks that we use to connect to the internet. We take note of the pin of the credit cards, of the pin of the cellular phones, the password of the e-mail box but to that of the wi-fi networks we don't really give importance.

But what if a friend asks us for our password to be able to connect or we need it to connect another device to Wi-Fi? Here, by running the root and downloading one of the two locations just described, recovering the passwords of the wi-fi networks saved on Android will be a breeze.

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