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How to prevent the activation of Google Assistant with a blocked smartphone

marzo 18, 2020

The Google Assistant for many it represents a convenient time saving in quickly performing frequent actions with their smartphone. From music playback, to setting the daily alarm, to sending a message or other.

With years of development, Google Assistant has increased its functionality and the capabilities with which to perform them, appearing immediately after the now classic voice commands for calling "Ok Google" and "Hey Google".

In some situations however, Google Assistant may not work as expected, even becoming quite annoying when activated in completely random with smartphone locked. If you want to prevent it and don't mind keeping it active all the time, here's how to keep it disabled during the lock screen.

How to keep Google Assistant disabled in the lock screen

To completely disable Google Assistant with a locked smartphone, preventing possible completely random activations, all there is to do is disable the functionVocal recognitionfrom its settings. To do this, you must:

  • Start the Assistant using the voice commands for the recall or by holding down the button Home;
  • Once the Assistant is open, touch the box icon placed in the lower left;

Google Assistant Google Assistant

  • Then touch the icon of your profile located in the upper right corner, scrolling left to access the section Assistant;

Google Assistant

  • In the following screen, scroll down and select the itemPhonein the section Assistant devices;
  • Then touch the toggle for the entry Sign in with Voice Matchto disable activation from the lock screen. Confirm if it is requested.

This how much! You have now successfully disabled Google Assistant on the lock screen, preventing accidental or accidental activations while the smartphone is locked.

Remove the voice model registered on Google Assistant

You can also completely disable it from its settings, removing your vocal model registered. To do this, you must:

  • Open Google Assistant and go toSettings> Assistant> Phone;
  • Once you get here, select the entryVocal model;
  • You just have to touch the optionDelete voice model, completely disabling the function.

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