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How to install Chrome extensions on Android GUIDE

As we all know, Google Chrome equipped with a great variety of extensions from which to draw, to increase productivity or use exclusive and useful additional functions. Functions generally available only for desktop, but which we will reveal in this guide how to install them on your Android smartphone!

How to use Chrome extensions also on Android

The main difference between the app version of Chrome for Android and the desktop version for pc, it's right here. The first is a simple and intuitive app, optimized and designed for fast navigation on the phone, while the second is able to offer a lot of customization functions, including support for extensions through its Web Store, a feature that has distinguished it from always.

Unfortunately Google has not yet decided to make the Chrome Web Store also for the Android counterpart and it seems that it is not destined to arrive in the near future. however you can use the very useful extensions, through some third-party browsers can support them. Here are some simple ways to install extensions through them.

First method: use Kiwi Browser

Kiwi Browser - Fast & Quiet

Kiwi Browser a complete Android app for web browsing, based on the project Chromium, which allows you to use Chrome desktop extensions on your smartphone. The app bases its rendering engine on blink, the same used by the Google browser, thus offering quite similar loading speeds. Thanks to being an open source application, it also guarantees the possibility of delete tracking on sites.

To install the extensions, after downloading the app from the Play Store, you will have to:

  • Open the browser and through the menu with the three points, touch the itemExtensions, from which you will have to enable the Developer mode, through the top right toggle;

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  • Visit now the Chrome Web Store. This will open automatically in desktop modeotherwise, touch the menu with the three dots and enable the mode;

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  • Now select the extension you are interested in by tapping the button addand confirming withOk.

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Second method: use Yandex Browser

Like Kiwi, Yandex Browser an open source app based on Chromium, developed by a collaboration with the famous Russian search engine. Unlike Kiwi for, you won't need to enable any developer mode, being able to install the extensions right away.

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Follow the steps above, to install extensions through Yandex Browser.

Install the Chrome extensions you need and use them additional features also on your smartphone!

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