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How to detoxify from social media and why do it

That the social networks have arrogantly entered our everyday life not a secret at all, but a certainty. Born with the aim of giving us a way to be closer to our friends and family, they have instead resulted in a different result: of estrangement. Not only that: I am currently one real drug. How to detoxify from social media? Let's try to do it together.

Social media and real life: let's take a step back

can detoxify from social media?

Not easy, but possible. There detoxification from social media, like any other addiction, it requires a great deal of effort, in addition to a certain constancy. You have to be ready to completely unplug it by moving away from that particular world: you also need a certain decision, in addition to the willpower typical of those who try to take a step further. This is why many people start this detoxification process and very few people finish it successfully.

Detoxifying from social networks is not easy, but it brings big advantages

And if this is bad news, there is also good news: moving forward with detoxification from social networks, it is still possible to help oneself with the experience of those who have managed to do it alone. The teacher, however, still represents an extremely important figure, as he is able to provide interested parties with a precise method to achieve the purpose. Before even starting, however, you must also ask yourself: but it's worth it?

Why detoxify from social networks?

If you want abandon social networks completely or drastically reduce their use, you've probably already understood that they perform a fairly negative action on you. They capture your attention by keeping you busy, stealing your time and in many cases moving away from contacting and with your friends. Those who managed to unplug the plug were able to admire all the benefits of this action.

Finally they have had a lot more time to devote to yourself or to loved ones. Their concentration and attention benefited; work or study, finally, could be done in a better quality way. The benefits of this detox are not a few and better this way: nothing that is truly valuable is given to people without them having to struggle.

How to detoxify from social media?

Take the very important first step, since there is a high probability that once you have embarked on a journey you will not abandon it later. But you also need to know how to do it, this step. Some drastic ways to get started would be:

  • Deactivate your accounts on social networks;
  • Uninstall all apps related to social media;
  • Block all social media on your PC;
  • It replaces the use of social networks with another activity.

But simply turning off all social networks and forcing yourself to stop accessing them is not enough. As practice shows, the latter is a tactic that in the vast majority of cases does not work. All the experts in the field recommend starting detoxification in a completely gradual way.

How to detoxify from social media

What is needed is to perform a progressive detoxification. What does it mean? Well, simple: first the use of social media is reduced by one hour; the week after – two hours. In short, they set limits that must be respected. Obviously, time is still left to the use of social media, but every day this becomes less. It turns out that at some point the person no longer feels the huge need to connect on Instagram or Facebook for hours and hours throughout the day. Quite the opposite: social networks are used only when strictly necessary, for a specific purpose.

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