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How to create GIFs from a video using your smartphone | Guide

GIFs have now become a real trend. Anyone who uses them on social networks and also with instant messaging software have a real success. Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp really seem to have become the realm of GIFs. However, someone may wonder how to create GIF from a video using your smartphone. There could be a lot of fun, but above all it could be useful for reducing memory and turn short videos into GIFs nice and unforgettable. So let's not get lost in chatter and find out how to do it together!

Create GIFs from a video using your smartphone

Create GIFs from a video using Giphy

First, to be able to create a GIF from a video with your smartphone, you can use the website. Giphy a site that contains hundreds of GIFs inside, with a catalog that is constantly updated by different users. However, Giphy is a portal that also allows you to create your own content, transforming videos into GIFs.

  • All you need to do visit the site with your smartphone. At that point you will need to create a new GIF, using the "Create”Present at the top right. Alternatively, you can also click on the "+";How to create GIFs from a video using your smartphone
  • At that point the site will ask if you want to upload a multimedia file from the phone gallery to the GIF editor or if you want to upload the link of a video already on the net;
  • The videos uploaded on the net should be taken from YouTube or Vimeo and should have a size smaller than and a length equal to 15 seconds;
  • Then you need to use the editor tools to identify from which moment of the video to start the GIF and which parts of the file to insert;
  • Again, the item β€œContinue to decorate"To be able to decorate your own file, adding filters, stickers, drawings and much more to it;
  • After the changes, the GIF will become one hundred percent unique and original. When you are finished you will have to select "Continue to Upload" is "Upload on Giphy". At that point, your GIF will be public and you can share it wherever you want.

How to create GIF from a video using only your smartphone?

If instead someone would like to create GIFs from a video using only their smartphone, without uploading them to the web, then the procedure to follow is slightly different. If you want to generate GIFs from a video using your mobile phone, then all you need to do is search on the Play Store for the best solution to do it. One of the applications optimized for creating GIFs from your videos is ImgPlay – GIF Maker.

ImgPlay - GIF Maker

This app is very intuitive and using it will surely be easy, even for those who do not have particular skills with such software. However, there are hundreds of similar apps for Android devices on the app marketplace. The advice is to experiment among the different software available, so as to find the one that best suits your needs. Without a doubt, once you have found the perfect application, convert video to GIF using your smartphone will no longer be a utopia, but a simple reality!

How to create GIFs from a video using the smartphone "width =" 700 "height =" 300 "srcset =" -using-the-smartphone-2.jpg 700w, jpg 696w "sizes =" (max-width: 700px) 100vw, 700pxImgPlay – GIF Maker proves to be the most intuitive app for creating GIFs with your smartphone

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