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How to change the word to call up Alexa on Amazon Echo | …

Have several devices that use the voice assistant Alexa, can create quite a few headaches considering that the word to call the assistant will be the same. Fortunately, there is a way to fix it, by individually changing the recall voice command for the assistant on each device Amazon Ehco. All you need will be the Alexa app installed on your Android smartphone along with some very simple steps. Here's how to do it.

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How to change the voice command to call Alexa on Amazon Echo

Exist four different words of the assistant, which can be used on your Amazon Echo devices. To be able to change it, just follow these simple steps, in the app installed on your Android smartphone:

  • Open Alexa on your Android smartphone;
  • Touch the key to open the retractable men, in the upper left corner of the screen;
  • Then tap the item Settings;

Amazon "width =" 770 "height =" 531 "srcset =" to change the word -Amazon-1.jpg 770w, on the devices-Amazon-1-768x530 jpg 768w, 100w, https: // 218w, https: //android.caotic .it / files / 2019/04 / How-to-change-the-recall-word-for-Alexa-on-Amazon-devices-1-696x480.jpg 696w, 04/2019 / How-to-change-the-recall-word-for-Alexa-on-Amazon-devices-1-609x420.jpg 609w "sizes =" (max-width: 770px) 100vw, 770px "/></p><ul><li>Tap now and open the <strong><em>Device settings</em></strong>;</li><li>Select the item you want;</li><li>Scroll down the screen until you find and touch the item<em><strong>Word of recall</strong>;</em></li></ul><p><img class=