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How to activate Spotify and Play Music music controls on …

Earlier this month, Google Maps he made his debut integration for music controls of the main services currently in use, such as Spotify and the owner of Play Music. These can be conveniently activated, so as to allow listening to your favorite songs while driving, avoiding dangerous distractions. Here's how to use it!

Google Maps: how to add the music controls of Play Musica and Spotify

To add the integration of Spotify and Play Music music controls on Google Maps, you will first need to make sure you own them the latest version of the app. Open Google Play for a check on possible updates, downloading if available.

Then open Google Maps and access the settings via the concealed left menu, accessible via the icon featuring three horizontal lines. So go to the item Navigator settings and activate the voice toggleShow controls for media content, usually disabled by default, which will enable the integration of the latter in the navigation interface of the application.

Google MapsGoogle Maps

Done there, Google Maps bring up a small window from which select supported music apps and install on your smartphone. Select the one you prefer and then tapCome on to confirm the choice, also confirming the next message via the keyOk.Depending on the service used, it may be necessary later to authorize the app to check the relevant account.

Google Maps Google Maps

You will then be able to change the music service for the integrated controls on Google Maps, by voiceDefault multimedia app placed below, always accessible in the same section, from the app settings.

You will also need to own the latest version of the app related to the music service used by you, to be paired with Google Maps. Make sure you have everything updated, always through Google Play.

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