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How to activate night mode (blue light filter) on Android

Smartphones are nowadays indispensable tools in our daily life: we receive calls, send messages, read the latest news. Often for, especially at night, reading on the smartphone involves a redness and fatigue of the eyes and consequent difficulty falling asleep. All due to blue screen light and its reduction can lead to a noticeable improvement in sleep, in addition to the numerous advantages on the same device, such as for example the reduction of battery consumption.

To try to reduce the problems caused by blue light, the most modern smartphones have been equipped with the night mode. Made famous on Apple devices starting from iOS 9.3, the night mode now also available on different devices. Let's see what needs to be done to activate it.

How to activate night mode on newer Android devices

If you have a fairly recent smartphone, the night mode will be available directly on the device, without the need to install third-party applications.

  • It will be enough to go up Settings, click on Display and select Night mode.
  • Some devices also contain this mode even among the Quick settings or Shortcuts, in the area above the notifications, then just drop down the drop-down menu and directly select the night mode or blue light filter (since some manufacturers may also label it as such).
Android night modeOn newer Android devices there is an option dedicated to night mode in the settings

It should be remembered that the night mode it can also be activated, starting from a certain time, and it switches off automatically thanks to the use of a timer.

How to activate night mode on older Android devices

If you do not have a recent Android device and the night mode is not within your settings then you must install third-party applications. Following, here are the best blue light filter app completely free available on the Google Play Store:

Blue light filter – Night mode, eye protection

Simple and intuitive one of the most complete applications. Allows you to set the filter power and activate a timer. In addition, you can choose between night, candlelight, sunrise, incandescent lamp and sunlight, depending on the circumstances.

Blue Light Filter - Night Mode, Eye Protection

Blue light filter – Night and night light modes

Very similar to the previous one but less simple to use even if more customizable. You can choose from five preset filters and set a timer by choosing times and days of the week.

Blue Light Filter - Night and night light modes

iBlue: blue light filter

This simple and light application does its job very well and has a size of only 0.1 MB, therefore perfect for those with low or full device memory.

iBlue: Blue Light Filter


The only app that does not need a timer as the position of the Android device will be detected and will automatically synchronize with the sunrise and sunset times.

Twilight Blue light filter for healthy sleep

Blue light filter

The less customizable app than the ones listed above as it has a single activation and deactivation button and five different color filters whose intensity can be chosen.

blue light filter

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