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How to activate navigation gestures on OnePlus 7

OnePlus was one of the first Android smartphone manufacturers to introduce the navigation with on-screen gestures and the latest version of OxygenOS on OnePlus 7, namely 9.5, offers a large variety of customization options in this area, with different styles for gestures. Here's how to activate them!

OnePlus 7: how to activate gestures for navigation

On OnePlus 7, you will be able to choose between the classic bar navigation with three buttons, or switch to the new standard navigation introduced by Android Pie, which provides a swipe on the Home button, to display the task manager.

OnePlus however, also has a own navigation management system, a p similar to iOS, which totally eliminates the bar below. By scrolling from the center to the bottom, it will be possible to return to the Home page, while swiping from both sides from the bottom, you can go back, while to open the task manager just scroll up and hold.

To activate gestures on OnePlus 7 and customize everything there, everything you have to do:

  • Open the settings from the curtain or from the app drawer;
  • Navigate until you find the entryButtons & Gestures;
  • Then tap the item Navigation and Gestures;

OnePlus 7

  • Whenever you want to choose classic navigation, enable the voiceBack, Home and Recent;
  • If instead you want to navigate with Android Pie gestures, opt for the voiceBack and Home;
  • By tapping insteadNavigation gestures, you will choose the proprietary system of OnePlus 7, which does not include any nav-bar.

OnePlus 7

that's all! As on any device on Android, manufacturers choose to implement their own navigation gestures, with OxygenOS which differs by giving the user the possibility on OnePlus 7 to choose between the proprietary and Google systems. Opt for the one that meets your needs!

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