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How internet traffic has changed with coronavirus

Cloudflare analyzed the web network in northern Italy, reporting interesting evidence in the period without and with the COVID-19 epidemic

How has internet traffic changed with coronavirus? Cloudflare an American company that deals with content delivery networks, internet security services and distributed DNS services, wanted to analyze the behavior of the web and check how internet traffic has changed with the coronavirus.

Premise. The past few weeks have seen unprecedented changes in the way people live and work around the world. Over time, more and more companies have given their employees the right to work from home (smart working), have limited business travel and, in some cases, have forced the whole workforce at home. In some countries (China, South Korea) people they are quarantined in their homes.

These changes in daily life are manifesting themselves as changes in Internet usage patterns around the world. In addition to making analyzes on Seattle and South Korea, Cloudflare wanted to take Northern Italy as a sample, an area where an epidemic outbreak occurred from COVID-19. And how has internet traffic changed with coronavirus?

Much of the traffic in northern Italy monitored by Cloudflare in Milan where the company has presence. For reference here is how the traffic looked the first week of January.

internet traffic northern Italy January 2020

A familiar model with peak traffic usually in the evening, here is the traffic from March 5th to 12th.

internet traffic northern Italy March 2020

Internet traffic grew by over 30% with an increase recorded at all hours of the day and night.Another change that is a little more difficult to see than the traffic increased early in the morning compared to the beginning of January.At the beginning of January the traffic began to rise rapidly at 9.00 hrs reaching daytime peaks around 14.00 hrs. In March, traffic rises faster at 9.00 hrs reaching the highest peak.

Analyzing the types of domains that Italians access, there are changes in the way people use the Internet. Online chat systems have increased from 1.3 to 3 times compared to normal use. Video streaming almost doubled. People access to news and information websites with an increase from 30% to 60% and online games have increased in their use by about 20%.