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Guide: how to play mobile casino apps safely on the …

marzo 18, 2020

The mobile world in constant evolution, and with it also the development of apps that allow you to play roulette, slots, baccarat and all those games that are inside a real casino.

The growth trend of mobile casinos

Technological evolution that has accompanied the massive and progressive spread of mobile devices has also aroused the interest of the online gaming sector. With the aim of offering efficient and accessible gaming experiences and systems on smartphones and tablets, online casinos have developed platforms and apps that have completely revolutionized the ways of living the passion for the game.

To keep the involvement of its users and the frequency of use of the services offered high, there are an increasing number of bookmakers and online casinos that develop gaming platforms oriented towards the mobile sector. It has led us to a real boom of apps that allow you to play anywhere, anytime. But, before installing them on your Android device, you need to change their security settings, generally active by default to protect it from any damage caused by third-party software.

How to install a mobile casino app on Android

The Android devices allow you to download and install only the apps available on Google Play. Online casinos that offer mobile versions for Android usually link to a link to download the file directly from their website. You can download the apk file of the casino app online by following this procedure.

The gaming platforms, having an app and a web space, allow you to use both versions using a single account, thus functioning in perfect concomitance. The limited space of a smartphone display compared to that of a desktop should not be misleading. As fans of mobile casinos already know, the dedicated apps have been developed and appropriately designed to make the gaming experience in the most intuitive, realistic and exciting way possible, offering an equal level of involvement both on computers and on phones and tablets.

The online gambling halls they have thus become an established reality in the world and in Italy. By focusing on what is happening in the beautiful country, the numbers say that in the first 4 months of 2019 virtual casinos catalyzed spending of 273.4 million euros, an increase of 17.2% compared to 233.3 million spent in the same quarter of the previous year. Slot machines are driving the sector, increasingly preferred by online players thanks to the realistic and top-level rendering on smartphones and tablets.

Moreover, almost 18 years have passed since that famous August 6, 1991 in which Tim Berners-Lee put the first website online, substantially marking the birth of the World Wide Web. From that day on, the Internet has assumed an increasingly fundamental role in life of each of us, revolutionizing the ways of exchanging information and communication, and the online entertainment industry could not remain indifferent to all the changes taking place. Indeed, this industry was probably the one most likely to ride the wave of changes, adding and exploiting them to its advantage. But it wasn't just the network that spread so quickly and widely. According to the Digital 2019 survey, the annual report produced by We Are Social and Hootsuite that analyzes in detail the diffusion of digital in the worldglobally, mobile users increased by over 100 million (+ 2%) compared to 2018, with a penetration that corresponds to 67% of the entire population. The exponential increase in the diffusion of smartphones and tablets has consequently led to the introduction of new mobile marketing systems such as apps, which allow companies to communicate and interact directly with their users.

How to play safely

To play online in complete safety, it is important that the virtual casino is verified and owns an AAMS license (today ADM, which stands for Customs Agency and Monopoli). Only the operators that offer this guarantee are able to guarantee the user the complete correctness of data protection, the randomness of the games and the payout percentages. That said, certified casino apps for mobile devices are definitely safe and subject to strict controls, aimed at repelling the presence of malware. Compared to those browsers, the mobile versions are also protected from infections by viruses and from phising attempts.

The certainty of being free from the danger of being in the condition of having to manage unpleasant inconveniences is an additional reason to be able to fully enjoy the gaming experience, which certainly will not make you regret that lived inside a real casino.

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