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Goodbye to GeForce3

Goodbye to GeForce3 logomacitynet1200wide 1

G4 users now have very powerful graphics cards installed directly in series and it is difficult to find it convenient to apply an additional card by spending several hundred euros more to get a little more.Perhaps this was the thought that pushed Apple to eliminate from its store GeForce 3 available online until a few days ago. The card, which cost 579 euros (1,121,000 lire) was in fact deleted from the list, according to some tests, the GeForce3 chip is still a leader today even if compared to the GeForce4 of the current G4. This is because the graphics processors in use on the Pro machines are in the MX version, the cheapest, while the GeForce card that was offered by Apple was in the high-end version. Probably, for Apple, it considered the marketing not justified the price requested in the face of an increase in services which does not give reason for such a substantial outlay. In the second instance, probably, to propose a card that, at least nominally, lower than the standard offer cannot be justified if not on the basis of explanations that, always commercially, would not be plausible and would end up confusing or discouraging (towards GeForce4) the consumer Now it remains to be asked whether Apple will leave its offer of additional cards discovered as it is currently or if it keeps something new in store. One possibility could be the launch of a graphics card with GeForce4 chip in the "Ti" version; the difference from the G4's GeForce4 MX would be s sensitive but would not have the "plus" of the superior designation offered by GeForce3 which compared to a GeForce2. A second alternative could be a Radeon 8500 card, according to some specialized sites at the moment the most powerful desktop cards for 3D. This could be the most logical and productive solution both from a commercial point of view and from relationships with third parties. We will know more in a few weeks.

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