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GeForce4, the technical specifications

GeForce4, the technical specifications logomacitynet1200wide 1

Nvidia has published on its website the technical characteristics and details of the GeForce4 chips, officially presented today. The web pages illustrate every detail of the graphics processors. Leaving readers interested in them here we will just illustrate the most significant features. The GeForce4 of the Titanium series, the most powerful, are two: the GeForce4Ti 4600 and the GeForce4Ti 4400. The cards equipped with the 4600 version, the one of greatest interest to users Since Apple will be supplied with the additional card that will be sold in build to order, they provide very interesting performances on a par with those of a very high level graphic workstation of not many months ago: 136 million triangles per second with a fill rate of 4.8 billion. The operations that can be performed per second are 1.23 trillion with a memory bandwidth of 10.4GB per second. The maximum memory of 128 MB. The Ti 4400 reaches 125 million triangles per second with a fill rate of 4.4 billion. Operations per second are 1.12 trillion and the memory bandwidth of 8.8 GB per second. Here too the maximum memory of 128 MB. The Ram of the GeForce4 DDR type runs at 650 MHz; the main chip at 300 MHz. Transistors are 63 million. GeForce4 Ti are the only Nvidia products to have the nfiniteFX II engine. The benefits of this technology, according to Nvidia, can be found especially when it comes to randomizing hair and fur, elements that historically have always been very difficult to make for a graphics card due to their particular ability to absorb and reflect the light. The GeForce4 Titanium are able to graphically produce objects of this type at a speed 50% faster than was possible with the GeForce4. The GeForce4 MX are produced in three models: GeForce4 MX 460 (1.2 billion Texels / Sec; 38 million triangles per second; memory bandwidth: 8,8GB / sec; Ram 64 MB) GeForce4 MX 440 (1.1 billion Texels / Sec; 34 Million triangles; 6.4GB / Sec bandwidth; 64MB of Ram) GeForce4 MX 420 (one billion Texels / Sec .; 31 million triangles, 2.7GB / Sec. and 64MB of Ram). At the moment it is not clear which of these graphics processor models is used by the PowerMacs. Probably it is the GeForce4 MX 440 Finally Nvidia has also presented a model for laptops of its GeForce4 processors available in three versions: 440 Go, 420 GO, 410 GO. The most interesting feature of this processor is the PowerMizer technology, a system that allows the reduction of the graphics processor power, transferring calculation functions from the CPU to the GPU, in order to save energy. GeForceGo can produce 500 million pixels per second and 30 million triangles per second with a consumption of just over 1.5 volts.

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