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From CES 2016 HomeKit accessories that warn in case of water leaks

Among the many new accessories presented at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas and compatible with Apple's HomeKit technology, we highlight those of three companies: Grid Connect, iHome, and iDevices.

The first offers ConnectSense Temperature, Humidity Sensor and the Smart Water Sensor, devices that allow you to monitor the temperature and humidity of a room, ideal for keeping greenhouses and pantries under control. The Smart Water Sensor allows you to receive alarms in case of water leaks and designed to be placed near aquariums, washing machines and so on. These sensors use Bluetooth, are powered by AAA batteries and can obviously be used in conjunction with other HomeKit devices. Prices were not disclosed but the products will be marketed in the first half of the year.

IDevices HomeKit AccessoriesiDevices presented Socket, Wall Outlet, Wall Switch and Dimmer Switch. The Socket and the Swith Dimmer allow you to add β€œsmart” functionality to traditional light bulbs, with functions such as dimming (brightness adjustment) and night lights; the Wall Outlet allows you to activate / deactivate electronic equipment and also provides separate control for two devices from a single socket. The Socket will be distributed by this quarter while the rest are scheduled for the second quarter of this year or later. Again, the prices were not disclosed.

iHome has updated its SmartPlug. The new version is called iSP8 and, like the predecessor, allows (via Wi-Fi) to activate and deactivate devices. The new model also includes a remote control and allows you to monitor consumption. This product will go on sale before the end of the year at the expected price in the US of $ 49.99.

The new iHome SmartPlugThe new iHome SmartPlug