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FoldiMate the appliance that folds and irons mountains of clothes

FoldiMate the appliance that folds and irones mountains of clothes foldimate 1200

Appliances have contributed greatly to freeing families from the most repetitive and tiring jobs and the new FoldiMate promises to further alleviate household chores by taking on ironing, folding and even perfuming mountains of clothes.

The operation shown in the video presentation that we report in this article. Instead of folding mountains of clothes by hand, the couple in the movie starts using FoldiMate. Just take the clothes out of the washing machine and hang them on the appropriate FoldiMate supports which offers a quick attachment system that does not even require the use of clothespins. When the space available in the clothes racks runs out, the machine starts transferring them inside and folding them thanks to a series of mechanical arms.

With the help of steam

During the procedure, steam is used to eliminate creases but a series of sprayers are already provided to soften, perfume and disinfect the cloths introduced in the special compartment. The spectacular end result: with FoldiMate you get a perfect and already folded pinecone of clothes, all ready to be worn saving a lot of time, especially for large families, busy singles and / or lovers of hi-tech gadgets who want to let in a robotic system also in the laundry room.

Machines of this type have existed for some time but are very expensive and large in size, designed for laundries. FoldiMate the first designed to be compact, to be placed next to the washing machine and dryer for use at home and with a more affordable price than professional models. Pre-orders are expected to start in 2017 with availability starting in 2018 at the indicated price between 700 and 850 dollars. If you fight every day with clothes to be ironed and folded, you will surely be able to think about it and start setting aside the amount necessary for the purchase.

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